IFT can provide an immediate response to assist law enforcement agencies with especially complex or high profile live investigations which need to be resolved as quickly and effectively as possible, and with historic cases where the trail may have gone cold but which can often be solved by the application of strategic thinking and the latest in forensic techniques and methodology. Key to these are a fundamental understanding of the crime scene - because that dictates the most useful lines of enquiry and forensic science opportunities available, and a team of experts with the right mix of complementary skills and expertise to explore these.

Using the same sets of skills and expertise, we also assist those concerned with overturning perceived miscarriages of justice by investigating the robustness and reliability of information used in their convictions, and looking for any new evidence which may point in a different direction.

At another level IFT provides immediate technical response to assist with investigations into suspected human rights abuse or international criminal violations.  In high risk situations, we will be supported by own security experts working with the instructing Authority.

IFT also provides longer term support via comprehensive bespoke forensic science training and infrastructure development packages, enabling jurisdictions to upgrade their own arrangements or put in place effective and reliable forensic science facilities if none currently exist.

Our services are particularly valuable:

  • In territories where the law enforcement infrastructure is not especially well developed and where there is real potential for investigative failure and risk of human rights abuse or political unrest
  • Where traditional attempts at investigation have met with little or no success
  • Where backlogs of routine forensic work are preventing effective investigations in more high profile or complex matters
  • Where there is a sudden and unexpected need for professional expertise which cannot be met from the usual source(s) eg. following a terrorist attack or natural disaster
  • In circumstances where only an avowedly independent investigation would provide the necessary public or political confidence in the result